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There are some Life Events that we shall remember for the rest of our lives and we don’t wish to leave to chance.  Your Stag / Hen Do is one of them! 

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This is supposed to be the day when you’re surrounded by your best mates and celebrating your last days of “freedom”.  However, their interpretation of “celebrating” may differ to yours in that theirs might include dressing you up in an inflatable “Willy” costume, getting you drunk and shooting you to bits!


1.  Choose a “Best Man” / “Maid of Honour” who you can TRUST!
2.  Choose an established Paintball Park that you can TRUST!

Of course there will be bunter!
Of course there will probably be some drinking involved (AFTER not before the games!)
Of course there will be some fancy and probably embarrassing dressing-up!
And yes!.. of course we will put the “fear of God” into the Stag / Hen on the day, telling him/her that we are going to play Fox ‘n’ Hounds with them, give them 2 mins headstart and then hunt them down the woods as well as make them do the Legendary “Chicken Run”!
Yes, we WILL do all of that, but it will be measured and sensible.
What we DON’T tell everyone is that there is a SURPRISE at the end!
At the end of the day we tell everyone that the Stag / Hen and his/her Best Man / Maid of Honour are going to do a “Mexican Stand-Off”, walk 5 paces away from each other, and fire!
However, on the 5th step, instead of shooting each other, they both suddenly turn against everyone else and chase them all down the woods like “Open Season on the Pheasants”!
It’s only fair! At the end of the day, it is the Stag’s / Hen’s Day really, so they should have the last laugh!!

The most important thing is that you all get together; that you all have a great day out with us in the beautiful Snowdonia woods whether you’re a young Paintball Warrior or a retired General with a dodgy bunion; that you all then have a great night-out; and that you enjoy & cherish for years to come all the wonderful footage of the day that we’ll make available for you to access on our Facebook Page (see: ).

Being chosen as a Best Man” / “Maid of Honour” is an honour and a privilege, and proof not only of friendship, but that you are the best person to be trusted with organising this important Life Event.

We therefore take all the stress out of the organiser’s shoulders, and organise the whole day for you!

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(We’re a friendly bunch! We don’t bite, we shoot! ☺)
Just give us a quick call on our Landline or Mobile Number below and we’ll be happy to have a quick chat, give you all the details you may need, and advise you on what the best option might be for your requirements to organise the most awesome & cost-effective Stag / Hen Do Paintball Party! You don’t need to Book or pay for anything until you’re sure.

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Stag / Hen Do's PAINTBALL!

There are some Life Events that we shall remember for the rest of our lives and we don’t wish to leave to chance.  Your Stag / Hen Do is one of them! 

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